Mira Vasic

Training female top talent to become more visible, better negotiators, more influential and impactful

Dr. ing. Mira Vasic helps individuals develop their strategic leadership skills and organisations become truly inclusive. She is an expert on topics of female leadership and gender-diversity. Mira is a frequently asked international keynote speaker and teaches IEMBA courses for Geneva Business School. She is a Senior Partner and co-owner of ‘In Touch Female Leadership & Career Academy’ and has a tremendous passion for empowering women.

In the past ten years, Mira has been working as a researcher and consultant for both commercial and governmental sectors in Serbia, Spain, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands. She also holds a PhD in Structural Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (2015) and fluently speaks 4 languages. Her value is her enthusiastic approach and her great sense of humour.

You can contact her via mira@intouchwrm.nl


1. How to Become Consciously Inclusive Leader

The unconscious bias is one of the main obstacles for having more diverse people at the top positions in organisations. Diverse management teams result in higher revenue, better progress and happier and healthier workforce. Mira Vasic gives "Hands-on" exercises for the audience and helps them to become aware of their own and other people's biases, while providing practical tools to become more consciously inclusive. You'll learn:

- What does it mean to be an inclusive leader
- Why diverse teams outperform homogeneous  
- How to consciously lead in a bias-free way
- How to lead your organisation towards truly inclusive one

2. Power of Self-reflection  

Today’s successful leader needs to be able to assimilate various  levels of power and apply one or another at any given moment. Mira Vasic explains the Power of Self-reflection and why it is a pre-request for using Power of Compassion, Power of Intuition and Power of Reform.  You'll learn how to develop these 4 levels of power, crucial for the new era of leadership.

3. The Unwritten Feminine and Masculine Rules in Negotiations  

There are big differences when it comes to masculine and feminine unwritten rules at the workplace. Understanding feminine and masculine unwritten rules in negotiations helps you to strategically prepare and get what you want. Mira Vasic shares the most common unwritten rules in negotiations and helps you to enhance your negotiation skills. You'll learn:

- Where comes the difference between f/m unwritten rules
- How to strategically play by the rules to get what you want
- How to combine feminine and masculine leadership styles
- How to recognise unwritten rules and change them

4. Authentic Feminine Leadership

If we say ‘leader’, 85% of people will think of a male leader, according to Harvard Implicit Association Test. Mira Vasic helps you to see yourself as a leader, get on your mission and lead authentically while using your feminine super powers You will learn:

- What is authentic leadership
- Why women don't bluff
- 3 superpowers of feminine leadership


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