Suzanne de Janasz, Ph.D.

Engaging women and their organizations to learn, challenge, and act in ways that level the playing field

For nearly 30 years, Dr. de Janasz has engaged with individuals and organizations on six continents to facilitate greater self awareness and interpersonal effectiveness. In particular, her research and consulting have focused on women--in leadership, negotiation, mentoring, and work/family conflict--and the actions and mindshifts that help level the playing field, creating a better, more innovative, and more sustainable future for everyone.

A highly sought-out and dynamic speaker, Dr. de Janasz helps enhance participants' competence and confidence by making them "comfortably uncomfortable." For change to happen, we must acknowledge and replace old habits that get in the way; this can be uncomfortable...and requires courage as well as social and organizational support.

In addition to counting global, national, and non-profits as current or former clients (e.g., Nestlé,  Freddie Mac, BAE Systems, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Maersk, World Wildlife Fund), Suzanne publishes extensively in outlets such as Harvard Business Review, Dialogue, and newspapers around the world...along with textbooks in use around the world. A recent piece has been getting lots of attention ( from men and women.

See Suzanne in action:

Her workshop "Say what you mean, mean what you say" in Lausanne, Switzerland (while on the faculty of IMD):

On the importance of "packaging" for women negotiators:

Some testimonials include:

“This is the best negotiations course that I have taken. I have thoroughly enjoyed the discussions, learning from others, and more about myself.”
- Jimettra Lundy, Contracts Manager, BAE

“Being a successful negotiator is about more than just optimizing dollars and cents—it’s about finding creative solutions that work for all parties involved. Suzanne provides a comfortable environment in which to hone your skills and her expertise enables her to provide invaluable feedback. I learned advanced strategies in preparing for and conducting negotiations in a safe space, which helped me to confront my fears and bolster my self-confidence. Highly recommended!” - Shannon Bray, MIRM, MCSP, General Marketing Manager, Van Metre Homes

“Suzanne’s negotiation workshop for a group of 30 senior women leaders in the capital markets was not only energetic and engaging, but also provided practical tips. The opportunity to participate and be coached on a simulation allowed us to put our learning to work. Our participants loved it, noting that they felt more confident and ‘buoyed’ after the session!” - Erin Dwyer, Managing Director, Stakeholder Engagement & Communications, Center for Audit Quality

“Incredibly useful and thought-provoking workshop. Her passion for her topic infused us with motivation, inspiration AND skills. I typically get uncomfortable with role-playing, but I found that practicing as we did here was invaluable.” - Christina M. Surawicz, MD MACG, Associate Dean for Faculty Development, Professor of Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine

Some topics include (and are sometimes delivered to women-only audiences to increase comfort): Gender Balance in the Workplace, Leading Transformational Change, Engaging and Succeeding in Negotiation, Leading for Creativity and Innovation, Empowering Individuals and Teams, Capitalizing on Everyday Negotiations, The Art and Science of Persuasion, Cultivating Networks and Mentors for Career Success, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Leading and Negotiating Across Borders, Coaching for High Performance, Sustainable Leadership, Aligning Careers from the Inside Out, Beyond Juggling: Achieving a Sustainable Work-Life Balance.

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