Samantha Gould

Creating a fairer UK pension system and closing the gender pensions gaps

Every year, two million women in the UK are retiring into pensioner poverty. The difference between men’s and women’s pension saving is huge - over £150,000.

This is a problem that’s hiding in plain sight and Samantha has been instrumental in bringing the gender pensions gap to light.

Samantha’s research didn’t stop there, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Samantha identified 8 “under” pensioned groups, undertaking extensive research and a year-long, hyper-targeted campaign throughout 2021 raising awareness of the effects the pandemic had on these underpensioned groups.

Her research and reports have received widespread recognition, winning several industry awards in 2021 including FS Forum, FT Adviser and Marketing Week Masters.

Passionate about raising awareness of these huge savings gaps, Samantha has established herself as the go-to commentator in the media, establishing strong relationships with the press, appearing in 203 media features in 2021, including TV interviews and a column in Glamour magazine’s #MoneyMatters.

It doesn’t stop there, Samantha has presented pension policy proposals to the Pensions Minster and HM Revenue. If introduced, we would see 3 million more people saving for their later life (2.2m women). Her work’s been cited in the House of Lords, gaining widespread media coverage with total global audience reach of 3 billion people.

Samantha’s passionate about teaching younger generations about these savings gaps. Since February 2021 - supporting Charity DebateMate - Samantha has been mentoring 2,000 students aged between 8 and 22, teaching them the importance of long-term saving.

A single mother to her toddler, Samantha has just gained a diploma to become a financial adviser – all while tackling these huge societal issues to help improve her daughter’s later life prospects.

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