Elisa Gaudet

Founder of International Women's Golf Day, award-winning author and professional speaker

A compelling speaker, entrepreneur and business professional, Elisa Gaudet has been a standout in women's business as the founder of International Women's Golf Day and the president of Executive Golf International.

Prior to her now 20-year career in the golf industry Ms. Gaudet, began her career in the entertainment industry and worked for over 10 years as a model and SAG and AFTRA actress. She has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs and has been a guest speaker on a variety of golf and business topics.

A speaker on women's empowerment, business strategy and the importance of seeing women as economic influencers, Ms. Gaudet has worked with international clients in strategizing and implementing programs, using golf as a channel for business and fostering relationships.

As founder of International Women's Golf Day (www.womensgolfday.com), Ms. Gaudet created this one-day global event to celebrate girls and women playing golf and teach them skills that last a lifetime. This worldwide program has been hosted at over 1,200 locations in 80 countries to raise awareness and get women involved in golf.

Women’s Golf Day (WGD) is a global movement that engages, empowers, and supports women and girls through golf. The four-hour event, which is on the first Tuesday in June each year, has introduced thousands of new golfers to the sport. WGD is the fastest-growing female golf development initiative.

In 2021, WGD’s primary hashtag, #WomensGolfDay, received more than 87 million global impressions. Women’s Golf Day is unique, there is nothing like it in sports. It is a one-day sporting and community celebration event that unites women through golf across the globe for 24 hours straight transcending race, religion, language, geography, or economic status.

A sought-after expert in the world of golf, Elisa Gaudet has worked in the industry for 20 years and often appears as a guest on television and radio shows on Fox, CBS, and local news stations around the country. In addition to executing the EMC World Cup in 2002, she has worked for the PGA Tour and the Tour de las Americas.

Gaudet is an award-winning writer and her monthly syndicated column “On the Lip,” later renamed “Two Good Rounds,” ran from 2003- 2016. She is a contributor to The Huffington Post, New England Golf Monthly, Cybergolf, and Stratosphere inflight Magazine, among other business, luxury, golf and lifestyle publications.

Specialties: Author, speaker on topic of female empowerment (Engage, Empower, Support), understanding the importance and influence of the female consumer, golf marketing and implementing strategies, strategic marketing, emerging golf markets, luxury golf, business, golf lifestyle, country clubs, charity golf.

www.womensgolfday.com / www.execgolfintl.com

Author- TWO GOOD ROUNDS book series:

-Two Good Rounds- 19th Hole Stories from the World's Greatest Golfers

-Two Good Rounds SUPERSTARS- Golf Stories from the World's Greatest Athletes

-Two Good Rounds TITANS- Leaders in Industry and Golf

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