Dr. Patricia Goodman Hayward

Recognizing women community leaders on a global scale

There will be several sessions offered sharing a brief background on a new book published called Women Community Leaders and Their Impact as Global Changemakers (March 2022 by IGI Global).

The book has two purposes. First, the co-editors - Dr. Patty Goodman Hayward, Sahar Rehman, and Zirui Yan - describe their grounded theory related to leadership and cultural transformation based on 60 stories of female leaders from around the globe.

Second, the meat of the book is the 50+ focused stories or chapters illustrating how the incredible change agent influenced her environment (also the data collection for the research).

The amazing contributing authors offer a view into the leader's journey and insights into their impact.

The book would not have been possible without the many supporters from the publishers, authors, eleven Editorial Advisory Board members, our digital artist Sai Rachana Reddoni, and so many more thoughts, hands, and hugs.

Please join the LinkedIn group Recognizing Women Community Leaders on a Global Scale for more details.

Each session will be offering story excerpts from the contributing authors. Both the women leaders being told about and the authors are gathered around the globe.

Current sessions will be in India, Pakistan, South America, East coast of USA, West coast USA, and more being planned.

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