Dalisia Coppersmith

Restoring the women who can change our world by dissolving unconscious resistance to women’s leadership

Dalisia Coppersmith is an internationally experienced speaker, executive coach, and founder of the Reviving Athena movement, her personal mission to “restore the women who can change our world.”

She specializes in dissolving unconscious resistance to women’s leadership and supporting those who build inclusive organizations and vibrant communities.

With more than 25 years leading diverse teams in the military, government, and corporate sectors, Dalisia knows firsthand the triumphs and challenges of being a strong woman in a world that too often resists female leadership. She now works to restore women to the leadership roles they were meant to assume in every family, community, business, and government.

Her stories about life as an assertive woman and the challenges that come with that identity remind us of how much we lose when we silence half of our natural leaders.

As a keynote speaker, podcast guest, or DEI instructor, Dalisia will move your audience from misunderstanding and quiet judgment of strong women to a place of deep appreciation and admiration for their contributions and leadership. Her Reviving Athena signature series of talks is perfect for all diverse audiences, corporate teams, conferences, and women’s groups.

Discover the origins of resistance to female leadership, what organizations can do to overcome it, and what assertive women can do to return to make the impact they were created to make.

Dalisia is a proud wife, mother, and dog mom who loves trekking across the California desert with a good podcast that expands her heart as much as her mind. You can learn more about her keynotes, courses, coaching, free resources, and the Reviving Athena movement at: www.RevivingAthena.com.

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