Dr. Dionne Payn

Wife, Mum, CEO and Founder of High Impact Property Investments

Dr. Dionne Payn is the Founder and CEO of High Impact Property Investments. Dionne specializes in partnering investors looking for double digit returns with projects that provide affordable and sustainable homes.

Dionne is a speaker, author and property coach who loves creating win-win outcomes for as many people as  possible.

She has a PhD in Natural Products Chemistry, has project managed a number of property developments in New South Wales, Australia and has helped over 30 investors to achieve double digit returns through property. These property projects range from small one into two subdivisions up to larger co-living projects.

Dionne’s first taste of ethical property development came in 2017 / 2018, when she project managed a 14 townhouse project.This development delivered affordable rental and owner occupied homes in an area well known for its high level of housing un-affordability.

The experience of being financially well rewarded for this project while providing affordable homes for low -moderate income earners was a game-changer and led to her drive to make a difference to people’s lives through property.

Dionne’s work has been featured in Australian publications including The Owner Builder and Outdoor Design Source and she regularly writes articles on ethical property investing.

Dionne’s goal is to raise $1 billion by December 2026 for projects that provide affordable homes, sustainable properties, build resilient communities and provide accessible homes for people with disabilities.

She believes that social enterprise and private investment can transform lives and end homelessness, particularly in vulnerable women and children.  

Dionne can custom design presentations and workshops to suit your audience’ s needs. Her presentations generally suit four key audience groups:

1. Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

2. General audience with interest in being part of the solution
3. Investors looking to find investments that align with their values

1. Accountants wanting to make a difference

Dionne’s first book E.T.H.I.C.A.L Property Investing will be launched on International Womens Day - 8th March 2022

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