Kay Tear

Co-Founder of Business Reimagined, whose mission is to help people and businesses reach their potential

Why does bias exist?  It exists because of the beliefs of humans at a given point in time.  

Where do beliefs come from and why are they important?  They come from any range of influences that we have - e.g. familial, social, cultural, and they are important because they shape how we see the world.  

What are beliefs?  Beliefs are thoughts.  

(Do you mean, thought like the thought about what I am going to have for dinner?)

(Yes, exactly.  You just give more importance attention to some thoughts than others.)

(So, why don't we just not think the thought?)

(Because to think is universal, but what we think and how much we believe our thinking is cultural.)

(What I'm hearing is that we have the power to do anything then if we understand the nature of thought...)


Kay Tear is the Co-Founder of Business Reimagined, whose's mission is to help people and businesses reach their potential and feel and perform at their best.  Business Reimagined focuses on helping people to see the lenses through which people see the world that bias their feelings and performance.  Once seen, coaching helps them break through the self-imposed and culturally-imposed limitations.  

Kay is an experienced and qualified coach who is working to show a new way of working in the field.  Kay and her team of coaches focus on making the invisible visible, helping people understand how our minds work, and using this as the lever for sustainable change; when this happens, the previously invisible limitations can be dissolved effortlessly to reach peak performance and well-being.  

Personally, Kay was raised by her mother and three sisters and had an uncommon female-dominated upbringing.  Women did everything.  This led the to belief, women can do anything, and this belief has been a powerful ally against gender bias.  
- A 45-minute talk can be booked for IWD that explores how we can see thought for what it really is: thought is either a useful way of being creative or an unhelpful set of learned beliefs that ultimately limit our happiness, wellbeing, and performance. The great news is that once people see the reality of this understanding, a whole world of possibilities emerges!

Kay has over 15 years of Leadership, Organisational Development, and Talent Consulting, with a range of global multinationals.  Alongside this, for the last 7 years, Kay has volunteered for Your Sanctuary, a domestic abuse charity looking to empower and support women.

Kay started Business Reimagined after seeing first-hand that traditional development programs don’t work.  They aren’t sustainable because they rely more on knowledge than insight, so the learning is often superficial and vanishes under pressure.  Endless tools and techniques can add weight to already burdened minds and operate at a surface level without deeply altering behaviour.  Business Reimagined development goes back to the source of performance and well-being, understanding first principles and leveraging our innate ability for peak performance and well-being.

The benefits of working with Business Reimagined:

• Experience greater peace of mind and presence
• Tap into your peak performance more effortlessly
• Learn how to focus on what matters most in your business despite the day to day challenges
• Stop feeling overwhelmed and like you’re constantly falling behind
• Transition from fear of failure to creating a culture of experimentation and innovation
• Develop a fresh approach to robust dialogue and interacting with challenging people
• Move beyond conditioned patterns of habitual behaviour to create greater ease and impact.

To find out more about the services provided by Business Reimagined or to book Kay to speak at your next event, please email kay.tear@businessreimagined.co.uk - get ready to unleash the power of your women and help them to move beyond their limits!

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