Genene Wilson

Life-changing women's finance expert specialising in helping women take control of their money & life

Genene Wilson is an entrepreneur and visionary who has an idea for a brighter future for herself and the world. She is a corporate escapist, Author, Podcaster, Financial Services veteran and leader in her industry.

Genene is the co-author of two Amazon No#1 bestsellers, while her TEDx Talk, "Is Casual Bullying a pandemic?" has attracted more than 20,000 views worldwide in two short months. She is a prolific writer, with her new book due out in 2022 helping women to "Live Well After Divorce – the women's guide to rebuilding your life, your finances and your happiness post-separation".

Genene will tell you she loves speaking. She launched her “Finesse Your Money” podcast in April 2019 and has attracted some fascinating and inspirational guests. Genene is a wonderful host, witty, refreshingly honest and entertaining.

Genene's goal is to change women's lives and help them make smart financial decisions personally and in business to get control of their money and future. The aim is for every woman to reach their individual goals, whatever they may be, to solve their biggest money problems to transform and enjoy a bright, happy future.

Who better than Genene to help her clients become financially free and live their best life. She believes in challenging people to look inwardly make decisions based on not just what you want, what's important to you, the future you wish to create for yourself to fulfil your dream life, but also for the greater good of humanity.

Genene has an enormous passion for sharing her stories and is hopeful that it may help curb economic and societal issues for women.

This year she plans on reaching 100,000 women to educate them about money matters. She also says she'll never stop giving back to her community, on country and the world.

For this year, International Women's Day Genene has created a talk to inspire every listener to #breakthebias to affect change in the broader community.

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