Lady B Bless

Award-winning humanitarian, social entrepreneur, prolific motivational speaker, International radio personality, mentor, advocate & consultant for UN SDGs

Currently, Lady B Bless is available to speak on any topic related to women empowerment, girls' education, and youth development.

Lady B Bless is an award-winning humanitarian, social entrepreneur, prolific motivational speaker, International radio personality, mentor, advocate and consultant for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, women empowerment, and girl child education.

As a humanitarian, Lady B Bless is the Executive Director of The Lady B Bless Humanitarian Foundation, which advocates for social change & equality for people in undeveloped & disadvantaged areas, whose mission is to actively and effectively engage in promoting human and social welfare, with no prejudice on human suffering on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religious or national divisions.

The foundation's goals are to save lives, relieve suffering, and maintain human dignity, the foundation primarily works in Ghana, Africa.

Lady B Bless is the President of The Global Progressive Women Network (GPWN), a network of women who are committed to the advancement of women-focused companies. projects, business, and organizations. GPWN Mission is to provide a network of women leaders who are mentors, role models, change-makers, community advocates, presidents, chief executive officers, executive directors and boss ladies. A network of Global Progressive Women LEADERS

Lady B Bless Conversations Podcast: (Men Mondays, Tech Tuesdays, Women Wednesdays, Teaching Thursdays, and Financial Fridays) features weekly conversations with some of today’s innovators, social entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers, and change-makers, who are making a positive change in this world.

A true humanitarian at heart, Lady B Bless’s vision is to empower, motivate, educate, and encourage people to be agents of change in their communities.

Since the inception of the Lady B Bless Humanitarian Foundation in 2018, Lady B Bless has opened an office in Ghana, Africa. To date, the foundation has achieved the following

*The Lady B Bless Humanitarian Foundation, Inc celebrated World Humanitarian Day 2020 in Accra (Ghana) by donating much-needed face shields and liquid soap to The Pentecost Hospital Medina Estate.

*Held educational session on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at The Basic Education Department of the University of Development Studies (UDS, Ghana) Dungu Campus Tamale Ghana

*Set up the Be Kind School Innovation Learning Space - Ghana - Innovation Learning Space equipped with IT tools and creative spaces to assist children from undeveloped and disadvantaged backgrounds in Ghana with the knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals, relevant digital skills, creative skills development, and leadership training in order to better equip them to meet the global competition and to break the cycle of poverty.

*Donated items to the Madina Zongo Community Health Centre. Items included birth spread, pads, and panty liners for the women who visit for antenatal care and the newborn mothers who come to weigh and do health check-ups for their babies.

*Educated over 300 students in the first-ever session of TLBBHF Teach SDGs/Mentorship for Juniors Initiative at the Odupong Community Day Senior High school in the Central Region of Ghana

*Educate over 1000 students all across the world on the UN SDGs via WhatsApp classes #Learn/TeachSDGs

*Future projects: Provide the residents of the Kunyeville Community, Northern Ghana, a women resource center, giving women access to personal hygiene products and information, the center will also provide business, financial and sustainable development training.

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