Mary Mcguire

Best-selling author of The Female Edge, Mary is a passionate speaker on female leadership and how to thrive against the odds

Mary McGuire is best-selling author of The Female Edge, founder of Agents2Change, creator of The Female Leaders Accelerator program and The Professional Women's Playbook. Her mission is to help women find authentic success on their own terms. Despite leaving school with no qualifications and with few prospects she has built an impressive international career and is an expert in business transformation and female advancement. Mary knows what it is like to be trapped in your own comfort zone and what it takes to transcend it and find a more fulfilling life beyond it.

Mary has many lived experiences of being excluded and discriminated against.  These include the bullying as a child from a poor dysfunctional family, experiencing sexism as the only woman in a large consulting team and coming out as a lesbian in the 1980s and losing her job and her home as a result.

She believes that the uneven playing field that women experience in the workplace needs to be addressed and she does this in two ways. Firstly by coaching women on how to find success on their own terms and secondly by coaching business leaders on how to create a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Her talks cover a range of issues including:

The EDGE model (from The Female Edge)  - a 4 step process to help women find success
Networking like a pro, how to improve  visibility in and outside your organisation
Re-framing difficult conversations
Step out of your comfort zone and into your learning zone
Build our ally network
Ace your elevator pitch

And many more.

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