Archita Sivakumar Fritz

Employee engagement, workplace culture, storytelling, leading through change, thriving as a woman of color

Archita is a 20 year corporate executive who has built and scaled businesses and teams across MedTech, Life Sciences and the non-profit space across the globe. She provides talks across three specific areas of experienced:

1. Workplace Culture : Fostering a culture of allyship in the workplace
She leans into her research at Speak Out Revolution (non profit where she serves as the chief marketing officer based in the UK) and fires up audiences and teams around building a more inclusive team, cultivating a culture of true allyship and speaking up in the workplace. Her talks are based on global insights from over 35 + industries and 50+ countries and lived experience's. She will leave audiences with clarity around what you can do as a leader of a team, as a member of a team in building environments where everybody thrives!

2. Embracing your "Only": Thriving inspite of all the 'isms we encounter in the workplace
Her talk introduces "the only's" in the workplace who have defied the odds as they navigated their professional careers as 'an ONLY'. Individuals and particularly individuals of color are constantly bombarded with societal and systemic hurdles that they face professionally with no balance in solutions. News, media and coaching tends to focus on our differences and the obstacles but do not provide thought provoking solutions to help people regain control of their lives and find direction. Through her successful corporate journey and interviews with over 50 successful women globally she shares how to serve, transform and drive impact audiences seek. Her mission is to inspire "the only's" in the workplace to align with their highest selves and dare to dream big dreams.

3. Speaking up in South Asian culture: Lessons learned from challenging racism, bigotry and misogyny in south asian families
Through her lived experiences, she uses stories to unpack the questions we need to ask as the "model minorities" to start our journey's of anti-racism to dismantle the internalised bigotry, misogyny and racism that exists amongst the aunties, uncles and cousin brothers we share chai and biscuits with!

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