Margaret Dennis

TEDx Speaker, Life & Business Coach to Female Entrepreneurs & Leaders, with a specialty in Grief, shoe junky

Margaret Dennis is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs and leaders succeed.  A serial entrepreneur herself, Margaret understands what it takes to succeed in business and that the road to success is never a smooth one.  

So what do you do when grief shows up?  How do you handle grief so that it doesn't take over your business...or your life?  

In today's world, grief is everywhere!  It is in the loss of your spouse, your parent, your grandparent...your child.  It is in the loss of your business, your job, your identity, your mental health, your physical health, your freedoms, your family, your friendships, your clients, your personal connections.  Grief and loss is everywhere.  The world is in mourning and we haven't even started processing the totality of our grief yet.

As a woman in business, how do you deal with grief?  How do you cope effectively so that grief doesn't negatively impact your business?  Your life?  Women are expected to show up at work with a brave face, not talk about their grief, or show any emotion for fear of being judged as weak.  The negative impact that this "coping" style has on both the woman and her professional life is immense.

As a TEDx Speaker, Margaret spoke of the death of her son and the lessons that she learned from her son's twin sister around coping with grief.  Building on this talk, Margaret coaches women one-on-one and speaks to women's groups and businesses about grief and how to move forward intentionally in a way that honours their grief, takes back control over their grief, and supports them in achieving success in life and business.

With an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Masters in Criminology (she originally wanted to be a forensic profiler like Jodi Foster in "Silence of the Lambs"), and mastery coaching certification with Erickson International, along with her own personal experiences with grief, Margaret is bringing this uncomfortable topic to the table.

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