Prina Shah

Prina helps you to Find Ways to Change YOUR Workplace

Prina Shah is the Head Honcho of her own business, Prina Shah Consulting.

Prina is a Global Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker. She helps you find proactive Ways to Change YOUR Workplace.

Prina is:
- a woman,
- an ex General Manager of People and Culture,
- a multiple migrant - born in Kenya, of Indian descent, now living in Perth, Western Australia and supporting global clients.

Prina can talk about facets of the employee experience as experienced by women. For example, she has presented on the topics of:

- Women in Leadership
- Women and Networking
- Women and Developing Assertive Communication
- Women in the Workplace, Let's Navigate the Journey

Prina is warm, funny and can build a rapport with any audience. She provides practical insights, generates meaningful conversation and will assist you to optimise your organisational cultures.

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