Lena Nasiakou

Embodiment for Female Empowerment

People listen to your body before they listen to your words.

The vast majority of what and how we communicate (to others and to ourselves) is implicit. It is sent and received without the conscious brain’s involvement. Much of this info is transmitted through our embodiment. Thus focusing on your body· the physical element of leadership is quite crucial.  Learning and practising how to improve your capacity for creating a connection with others and yourself can be very empowering.

Lena offers you non-boring workshops to embody your leadership. These workshops are designed to equip you with embodied coaching skills: running effective 1:1’s, building trust, handling difficult conversations and working with your own goals.

Lena's Story

“Moving is our brain's favourite way of learning” is her motto. We are all fed up with sitting and talking in front of a camera! Lena can’t stand boring workshops so she loves coming up with creative ways to embody learning. In her workshops, there is a balance between lectures, peer learning and dynamic exercises which stem from 💃 dancing, 🎭 theatre and 🧘mindfulness.

About Lena - Founder of Lena’s Moves

Lena perceives workshops as a playground where creative approaches stimulate learning both in the body and mind. As such, you can enjoy a dynamic learning process besides gaining a deeper understanding of the topic. She is an L&D Specialist with an MSc in Lifelong Learning & a BSc in Educational Studies with extensive experience in designing & delivering engaging learning experiences. Lena loves being involved in Leadership Development programs and her Coaching Skills workshops have been successfully applied to more than 2.500 women in international and multicultural environments.

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