Helen Nelson Inyang

Founder and CEO of Motheraid, activist and social entrepreneur

Helen Inyang is the founder/CEO of Motheraid. She is an activist and social entrepreneur known for activism that often mirrored  through advocacy for women, girls and child's rights.

Her passion to change the way the world see women has attracted admiration from many.

Helen is also a marriage counsellor who devotes her time in helping couples resolve conflicts in the home and improve their marital relationship.

She is also involved in public speaking at events and fora. Her presence is also largely felt on social media (Facebook) where she holds an inspirational woman to woman health talk with nearly 2.6m women connecting from around the world.

She has also invested her personal efforts towards empowering women through skills acquisition programmes through which she has empowered not less than 2500 women and girls in different skills and vocations.

Helen Inyang Was mentored by the Nigerian Women Trust Fund ( NWTF) Nelly as she's fondly called  is a team player and her network of  online teams include  Association of Women's Rights in Development (AWID), Female and More, Amnesty International, Yah Network, she leads Africa, Cherrie Blair Foundation for Women, Road to Growth Nigeria, Exxon Mobile Foundation and many more.

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