Frances Holmes

Award-winning founder, STEM leader, and advocate for inclusive workplaces. Empowering talks on diversity, STEM, and overcoming challenges.

Frances is a multi-award-winning founder, STEM professional, keynote speaker, and passionate advocate for truly inclusive workplaces. With a diverse background and extensive experience, Frances has become a leading voice in addressing workplace inequalities and promoting diversity in STEM fields.

Currently serving as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Speak Out Revolution, a female-founded start-up in the UK, Frances utilizes the power of data to educate and empower organizations and allies in building truly inclusive workplaces. Speak Out Revolution focuses on two live research areas: addressing the silent epidemic of bullying and harassment in workplaces, and the global campaign #DesignHerIn, aimed at integrating women into STEM workplaces worldwide.

Drawing from her deep research, Frances presents ground-breaking insights into workplace inclusion through the Speak Out Revolution's first-of-its-kind global dashboards. She shares strategies for organizations to shape their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, offering tangible ways to combat this challenges and foster inclusive environments.

In addition to her role at Speak Out Revolution, Frances serves as the Account CTO for Public Sector at Microsoft UK. Leveraging her background in STEM, she brings personal lived experiences to her talks on career aspirations and progression, particularly addressing the barriers that women encounter in their professional journeys.

Frances also provides a unique perspective as someone with dyslexia, passionately discussing the challenges and strengths that neurodiversity brings to the workplace, bringing to light the power of accessibility. Her insights into navigating obstacles and harnessing the potential of diverse minds offer invaluable lessons for creating truly inclusive, accessible and innovative environments.

As an International Women's Day speaker, Frances offers engaging and impactful presentations on a range of topics, including:

1. Combatting Workplace Bullying and Harassment: Providing strategies for organizations to address and prevent workplace harassment, fostering environments of respect and inclusion.

2. #DesignHerIn: Empowering Women in STEM: Advocating for the integration and advancement of women in STEM fields, and showcasing initiatives to support their inclusion and success.

3. Own your own career: Sharing her personal career journey, Frances advocates to the audience to carve their own unique paths, harness their individual strengths, and own their career journey.

4. Navigating Career Challenges: Offering guidance and inspiration for women facing barriers in their careers, drawing from personal experiences and industry expertise to inspire and empower audiences.

6. Harnessing Neurodiversity: Exploring the strengths and challenges of neurodiversity in the workplace, and advocating for inclusive practices that unlock the full potential of diverse talent.

Frances's dynamic speaking style, coupled with her expertise and passion for driving positive change, make her a compelling and impactful speaker for International Women's Day events and beyond.

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