Frances Holmes

Award winning founder of a Diversity and Inclusion data-focused start up

Frances is an award winning founder, STEM professional, keynote speaker and passionate advocate for truly inclusive workplaces. Frances is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Speak Out Revolution.

Speak Out Revolution is a female founded startup in the UK that uses the power of data to educate and empower organizations and allies on the silent epidemic in our workplaces which is bullying and harassment.
Frances pulls from extensive research and walks through the first of its kind global dashboard on workplace harassment and bullying and strategies on how organizations can shape their DE&I initiatives to share tangible ways we can change the statistics around this silent epidemic.

Alongside her role at Speak Out Revolution Frances is also Head of Technical Innovation at Global Engineering Firm Thales. She calls upon her career in STEM to bring personal lived experiences to her talks around career aspirations and progression, specifically addressing the barriers women face in their careers. Frances brings an additional unique perspective, as she also has dyslexia, and talks passionately about the challenges and strengths Neurodiversity brings.

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