Helping to prepare women who took career breaks to re-enter the workforce by coaching them about online networking & solid personal brand

Almost half of working moms take an extended break - time off from work beyond the maternity leaves. The average gap is about two years. Working mothers face significant challenges when trying to secure a new job. More than 61% say that it was challenging to re-enter the workforce.

Shalini, a personal branding coach who advocates the importance of online presence to showcase individual credibility, believes that consistent online activities will drive various opportunities, including job offers, running own business and professional network growth.

Through her expertise, she is to help women re-enter the job market after a career back. Many women want to be prepared and still constantly engage with industry people while on leave. And building a personal brand on LinkedIn by sharing their expertise, networking with industry experts & sharing their knowledge would develop their credibility and impress many companies. They should as paid relatively high instead of taking a pay cut.

Many high-qualified women are losing themselves in the process of raising children. This definitely needs to change because Shalini believes that women should have a fair chance to become the middle manager or a C-suite role. Taking up the responsibility as a mother shouldn't be a reason for not taking control of their professional path.

Shalini encourages women to tell their exit stories. Not to apologies for taking a career break. Every woman is entitled to a healthy ambition and raise thoughtful children. Like men, women too can have both - fulfilling career and personal life.

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