Kanchan Chanana

Women Founder Coach, Breaking Patriarchy & Hierarchy, Inclusion as Business Imperative ($, NPS), Bias for Action

Speaker is a woman of color - she faced non-exclusion the day she was born.

She & her mother were expelled from family because another 'girl-child' was born.

Growing up, she witnessed her mother being treated inhuman, extreme conditions of domestic abuse and with ZERO decision making & influence for her own life choices (note her mother was educated).

She was convinced that she needs to uplift - first through education (she belongs to top 0.1-0.2% cohort of 1.3 billion humans country), she chose male-dominated fields, second by uplifting her authority in family and thirdly in corporate world (which she is still striving to break unconscious bias which come as a baggage).

She coaches founders / CEOs who are working on problem statements and define actionable solutions to make impact which is measurable and has a strong link with economy (specific interventions).

She also coaches individuals (male allies, fellow women across ranks) to build a continuous narrative
She is invited by global corporates, podcast hosts to share her story and insights based on her 35 years of existence in a non-inclusive society.

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