Zoe Evans

Founder & CEO of the Female Founder Squad

Zoe is mother to two awesome humans, a proud feminist and champion of women in tech and on a mission to help female and non-binary founders tackle the challenges of the tech industry by providing them with the support, tools & connections they need to grow and scale their startups through her global solution-stacked platform.

The allocation of funding is one of the primary factors determining a startups success. Despite 2020 & 2021 being record-breaking years for startup investment around the globe, funding in female-led startups fell for the year to around 2.2% (with male-led teams receiving around 89.1%).

This data highlights the disparity that exists in male and female entrepreneurship and the need for more to be done to overcome the key barriers that exist for female founders.

I speak about the restriction and bias that women and female-led startups face every day in the tech industry and how there is now an urgency to find alternative routes to support and funding.

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