Sirisha Tangirala

HR leader, avid marathoner and certified nutritionist

From becoming a mother at the age of 20, to being the HR Head at 45, Sirisha’s journey is that of grit and resilience.

Chasing the dream of carving her own identity, she put herself back to school, pursuing a full time MBA degree at the age of 35 with two young children in tow. Being in class with people a decade junior to her, attending interviews where the focus was more on her age than her skill, being advised on not disclosing she has children, to a potential employer – she has seen it all. And she has clawed her way up through these challenges.

She currently heads HR for Greenway Health, India.

She found her mojo in running and has been running marathons for over a decade now.

Speaker with a natural ability to connect with her audience, Sirisha has mentored many in her career. She was on the speaker panel for HerRising 2020 (by JobsForHer).

Sirisha is on a mission to inspire others through her story of resilience.

A dancing queen with two left feet, with Sirisha around – there is never a dull moment!

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