Dr. Nairouz Bader

Global career powerhouse with +20 years of the market and business experience

In brief, Dr Nairouz Bader’s contribution are endless as she is a global career powerhouse with +20 years of the market and business experience supporting management teams in corporations around the world through her leadership and board advisory consultation services. Her achievements were featured on an array of notable media gates and publications as Arabiya, CNBC, Forbes, People Management, Horasis, EXPO2020.

Her devotion to promote Diversity and Inclusion at the workplace is unprecedented as she has been dedicated to increasing the placement of women and diverse candidates on corporate boards and in C-suites for more than a decade. Her motto aligns and match with the International Women's Day.

Post pandemic economic rebound can only be possible by increasing female contribution for economic and social recovery. Dr Nairouz Bader is an advocate and activist in spreading awareness on the implementation of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.

She is a believer that “Together we are stronger and in unity we can create a big difference”.

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