Tamara Makoni

Culture and inclusion specialist, and staunch advocate for gender equality

Tamara is an accomplished public speaker who crafts experiences that engage, inform and inspire her audience. From webinars to podcast appearances, small events to conferences, her targeted,  thought-provoking insights and practical tips motivate and empower people to move the needle.

Tamara has worked with clients across industries, including Retail, Healthcare, Education, Technology, Services and the non-profit sector. Examples of her work include:
- Delivering keynote speeches on gender equality and bias
- Facilitating workshops on anti-racism and intersectional identity
- Delivering a series of talks on anti-racism
- Training 130+ senior leaders on inclusive leadership practices
- Member of a panel discussion about women CEOs from underrepresented backgrounds

Audience feedback:
- 'You are an energising speaker and you make an impact.'
- 'I genuinely loved the talk.'
- 'Super nice and inspiring speech.'
- 'It was an excellent webinar!'

Alongside speaking appearances, Tamara works as a consultant helping businesses translate insights relating to culture and D&I into strategic actions for growth.

You can reach Tamara at tamara@kazuriconsulting.com to discuss how she can bring your vision for your event to life.

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