Laura Crow

Founder of social enterprise TalkThinkGrow

Talk Think Grow gives a personal development service with the mission to support you to thrive. Using coaching and wellbeing techniques Talk Think Grow offers group workshops, 1-1 coaching and wellbeing support promoting connection with the natural world and through horticulture.

The pandemic has hit women hard. Economically, emotionally and physically. Woman are 1.8 times more likely to have lost their job.  Lockdown and home-schooling has impacted income, relationships and wellbeing and data from UN Women suggests that the pandemic could wipe out 25 years of increasing gender equality.

All women should have the chance to thrive.

Talk Think Grow is a social enterprise focusing on values of equality and community and has a mission to give women who have little access to self-development, the opportunity to focus on positive outcomes and rejuvenation. By enhancing women’s choices, and unlocking their potential, we create positive changes in their lives and communities now, and for years to come.

Its founder Laura Crow is a coach, mentor and facilitator, drawing on 10 years experience of supporting and developing people.  Throughout 2020 Laura worked with NHS nurses and women, to support recovery and transition from the impact of the pandemic. In 2021 Laura set up the social enterprise Talk Think Grow to support women to explore their potential, to fight back against gender inequality.

"I've always been a feminist and was proud to be living in a world where gender equality was finally starting to be recognised and developed.  Then the pandemic hit.  When I read the stat that 25 years of gender equality development would be wiped out I was shocked, and angry.  I'll be 40 this year.  That is my entire adult life of feminism gone.  As a mother I strive to role model my values of equality, kindness and sustainability.  My personal mission is to 'be the change you want to see in the world', so I had to do something."

Mental health and wellbeing awareness should be part of our regular self care, like getting a haircut or a dental check up.  The vision of Talk Think Grow is to normalise self care and personal development drawing upon proven techniques to support it, leaving no woman behind.

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