Akii Ngo (they/them)

Akii is proud disabled, chronically ill and LGBTIQA+ queer non-binary person of colour, from a refugee background

Akii Ngo (they/them)

Akii is a disability leader and internationally awarded, multi-award-winning disability and gender equity advocate passionate about disability rights and representation. They are a proud, young, disabled, non-binary femme and Queer person of colour.

Akii is a first-generation Aussie from a refugee background, who lives with multiple complex chronic illnesses and disabilities. An intimate partner (IPV) and family violence (FV) survivor advocate, Board Director & company secretary of Disability Justice Australia, and sits on several advisory committees and working groups across Australia within the health, LGBTIQA+ and disability advocacy sectors. In addition to advising and consulting for LGBTIQA+ rights, gender equity and trauma informed violence prevention (as many of Akii’s disability are a direct result of IPV) which Akii has bravely shared about the WWDA Our Site. Akii is the recipient of the 2020 Australian Disability Leadership Awards in Social Change, the 2021 7News Young Australian of the Year VIC Leadership Semi Finalist and has recently been announced a 2021 D-30 International Diversability Disability Impact Leader.

Akii is dedicated to accessibility, universal design, non-tokenistic representation and is a fierce advocate for people with chronic pain, chronic illness, and disabilities (apparent and hidden) due to their own lifetime of lived experiences. Akii is also an agency represented and internationally published model – working to challenge the perception and create a positive change within the media, fashion and beauty industry for appearance diversity (i.e. surgical scars), disabled individuals, gender-diverse and POC communities. Recently, walking and rolling down multiple 2021 Melbourne Fashion Week shows as an ambulatory wheelchair user.

Previously, Akii has worked as the Executive Director for Chronic Pain Australia, as a Health Promotion Practitioner throughout Australia in government and NGOs, and Program Manager for Women with Disabilities Victoria. Outside of Akii’s work at Disability Sport & Recreation, they are a presenter/public speaker, writer, educator and consultant for human rights, violence prevention, chronic illness, disability inclusion, diversity, and accessibility (both on and offline). Akii is also the host of a 3CR community radio station show called ‘Chronically Chilled’.

A few of Akii’s recent presenting engagements include being a keynote speaker at the Disability Sport & Recreation 2021’s Award Night, at  the Australian STOP Domestic Violence conference on Prevention of Violence Against Women in December 2021, an international presenter for the Health Advocacy Summit in October 2021, the 2022 Global Disability Summit on February 16 2022, the host of the WWDA Women’s Leadership Statement on 8 March 2022  and the upcoming  8th Annual Women in Leadership Summit on March 23 2022.

They are a qualified public health nutritionist and health promotion practitioner with over 12 years of experience throughout Australia and overseas in capacity building, advocacy, policy, co-design and systemic health promotion practice. Akii is currently undertaking (and has almost completed!) a Masters in Social Work and holds four tertiary qualifications - Graduate Diploma in Public Health (Chronic Conditions Management), Bachelor of Human Nutrition (ext Nutrition & Dietetics), Diploma in Project Management and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Akii has spent their entire career dedicated to making a positive and sustainable difference to the community. Currently working as DSR’s Phoenix Project Manager, managing a wonderful team to  help revitalise the disability sport and recreation sector in a ‘covid-normal’ world, to increase accessibility, inclusion, opportunities to better support and increase the number of Victorians with disability to participate in active reaction and sport.

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