Erin Prather Stafford

Founder of Girls That Create, an independent website whose mission is to nurture the next generation of creative women.

Erin Prather Stafford is the founder of Girls That Create. The independent website, founded in 2019, supports parents and caregivers of creative girls while encouraging greater female representation across the arts. Its Creator Spotlight Series showcases artists in film, visual arts, literature, photography, dance, and more.

Erin strongly believes girls interested in the arts and humanities must have support during their younger years, much like their sister counterparts who love STEM. In partnership with Word of Mom Radio, Erin recently launched the Girls That Create podcast, where she serves as host.

Before Girls That Create, Erin was the Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary WONDER WOMEN! THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICAN SUPERHEROINES. The film had its national broadcast on Independent Lens | PBS and traces the fascinating evolution and legacy of Wonder Woman.

WONDER WOMEN! also examines the portrayal of powerful women in mass media and why representation matters. Erin participated in the Independent Television Service (ITVS) Community Cinema program, a national screening series that provides screenings, discussions, and resources on important social issues. The film was also chosen for Women and Girls Lead, a multiyear public media initiative to focus, educate, and connect citizens supporting women and girls. Erin's media appearances include KERA's THINK with Krys Boyd, Word of Mom Radio with Dori DeCarlo, Authority Magazine, and D Magazine.  

She earned her MA in gender and international development from the University of Warwick and a BA in communication from St. Edward's University. Erin is the recipient of a Barbara Jordan media award and the author/researcher for the published book "Vision 60: Sixty Years of the Science and Art of Radiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center". She has also led workshops for IFundWomen and Ellivate Alliance.  

To learn more about Erin, please visit or follow her at @girls_that_create.

Topics I can discuss:
Female Stereotypes: Representation in Popular Culture
How We All Benefit From Embracing Female Creators and Their Stories
Why Supporting Both STEM and the Arts is Crucial
How Women Use the Arts to Advocate for Themselves

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