Lisa M. Liszcz, Ph.D.

Your Energy Is Your Power

You will learn that your feminine energy is an empowering force. Balance your energy for joy and success!

Are you exhausted? Drained? Wiped out? Do you wonder to yourself, “How did my life get here?” Do you feel blah about your work? Let’s re-energize your life! In this one-hour virtual presentation, you will learn how to discover and leverage your special talents so that you rejuvenate yourself, gain more energy, and energize your life.

Lisa M. Liszcz, Ph.D. found through her coaching and research that many professional women have lost the enthusiasm they once had for their careers. Many feel irrelevant and like they are “token” leaders. They don’t feel valued by their peers and upper management. Many women feel exhausted. They want to be more creative and autonomous. They want to help others, but they don’t have the time or energy to do so.

Attend this presentation, and Lisa M. Liszcz, Ph.D. will share with you her three secrets for success:

1) The most effective way to have unencumbered and unlimited success in your career is to learn one thing that does not require you to take another course or get another degree. It’s simple and will help you be more of who YOU are.  

2) By eliminating 50% of what you’re currently doing, you can live out the career and life of your dreams. You will at least double your confidence, energy, and sense of peace. And you will become more of an authentic leader. And who doesn’t want more of that?  

3) The key to creating the career and life that you desire is to spend 10 minutes a day on one simple strategy that no one is talking about. It’s easy, painless, and you can do it anywhere. And it’s just 10 minutes!  

Dr. Liszcz is a fun and inspiring speaker and executive coach. She shares her “Elemental Energy” quiz that is based on her best-seller, FE Feminine Emergence. She tells personal stories and anecdotes from pop culture to illustrate points and have fun with audiences. She is skilled at presenting in person and virtually.  

Join us for a fun and interesting presentation and energize your life!

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