Nor Lastrina Hamid

Facilitator. Youth Engagement. Sustainability. Southeast Asia. Singapore.

Having organized community events and working with youths and volunteer groups for the past 10 years, Nor Lastrina Hamid has built an interest in climate issues and how people respond to climate impacts.

In 2015, Lastrina co-founded Singapore Youth for Climate Action (SYCA) to engage youths in climate action or environment-related volunteerism. In 2020 she embarked on a 2 years restructuring process, and as of February 2022, has introduced a new management team.

+ Lastrina on LinkedIn
+ Lastrina's personal website
+ SYCA's compiled links
+ SYCA's website

Currently, Lastrina is a Project Lead for YSEALI Summit 2022, part of the YSEALI program which seeks to build the leadership capabilities of youth in the region, strengthen ties between the United States and Southeast Asia, and nurture an ASEAN community.

+ Lastrina is open to speaking engagements on youth engagement, sustainability, Southeast Asia, and Singapore.

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