Ankita Sharma

Fierce feminist in all spheres of life with strong focus on mental health & a Self-Published Author

Ankita would like to share her personal accounts on how she combatted male aggression and toxic masculinity at the workplaces.

Ankita went to New Zealand as an International student at the tender age of 18 and has been living alone in Auckland since 12 years.

She will talk about how she combatted feelings of isolation, social exclusion, bullying at the university, workplaces and how she remained strong and believed in her own strength and voice.

She has even faced bullying and toxic behavior from very few women in her workplace of I.T since 8 years in New Zealand and would like to share tips and advice on how to navigate rough waters and preserve one's mental health.

She has spoken about feminism on More FM in New Zealand and has been a strong advocate of women's empowerment being a Women's Officer for the New Zealand's Labour Party.  She has been a member of Zonta Club of Auckland, UN Women, BPW NZ and now a member of BPW UK and UN Women. She is also listed under the SuperDiverseWomen of New Zealand being a strong advocate of women's empowerment.

She is very focused, career-oriented and ambitious. She understands the importance of women to be heard and understood in the workplaces and how to emerge as a leader. She is also a Self-published Author and would like to voice her thoughts and views on ways to manage and combat harassment, bullying and general toxic masculinity at the workplace on her personal ways of managing them using expert psychological tips.

She will also shed light on narcissistic abuse and how to overcome this rampant maladaptive treatment towards women in all walks of life.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Auckland and is a daughter of a retired Group Captain and a Fighter Pilot in the Indian Air Force.

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