Sally McGrath

Empowering women's wellbeing in the workplace, preventing burnout, creating mental health hygiene & creating work & life synergy

Sally McGrath, workplace wellbeing expert for women, author, and health educator is well known for her innovative approach to workplace wellbeing programs.

Sally works with some of Australia’s largest and most recognisable companies on employee wellbeing, retention, and engagement.

Her programs have helped employees, teams and leaders enjoy better work / life synergy and productivity.

If you are a leader of people and want to retain and attract top female talent to grow the next generation of female leaders and role models, Sally will help you to:
- empower your leadership teams and employees to support wellbeing
- implement an employee wellbeing plan that improves mental health
- understand truly wholistic wellbeing at work
- achieve a cultural shift in your organisation for higher productivity and better wellbeing
- understand how employee wellbeing can improve home life and work productivity simultaneously
- enable and endorse your employees to achieve optimum wellbeing
- address employee challenges regarding work / life balance
- improve retention, attraction, and engagement within your organisation

About Sally
Empowering women in the workplace to achieve optimal wellbeing is what drives Sally, as an author and preventative health educator her innovative approach to individual and workplace wellbeing programs, delivers sustainable methods to implement Work and Life in Synergy.

As a woman who has experienced burnout and now adheres to a daily practice that supports mental health hygiene, her ambition to support other women to create daily strategies that will result in life changing transformation. Sally's approach is based around the removal of leading a life with "busy" being seen as a badge of honour, and reframing work & life balance to encourage women to evaluate their roles and contributions, to ensure they do know what it is like to have a meaningful and enjoyable daily routine.

Sally's program/s are created for real women in the real world that will support a schedule to be productive, achievable & enlightening so that burning out does not become a reality. In the words of her clients, "Sally this (program) is transformational and a game changer" and another; "You know how to read me, the pace is great and my results demonstrative of believing in your process".

Sally will get you out of burnout and empower you with the plan to keep you out of burnout for life.

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