Yvonne Marshall

International Human Resource Development professional making the case for Etiquette in Business and all spheres of life and living

Yvonne Marshall is a global citizen passionate about people and their development, language, culture, art, music, poetry and everything associated with beauty, refinement and progress for ALL.

Her passion for people and their development led her to seek out and earn advanced qualifications in International Business Administration, Organisational Development and Strategic Human Resource Development.

Her love for language, culture, art, literature, philosophy, music and poetry took her on exciting adventures across several continents to meet people of different backgrounds and cultures who greatly contributed to her outlook on life in general and the purpose of human existence in particular.

Her visceral quest for beauty, refinement and progress for ALL propelled her to seek out training in International Etiquette and Savoir-Vivre and thereafter earn a teaching diploma in the aforementioned fields dedicated to beauty and elegance.

In these troubled times that call into question each individual's values, principles and standards, the conversation will centre around the following topics:

- Why Etiquette is important
- Etiquette in Business
- Social Etiquette
- Spirituality at work
- Balancing Spiritual and Material needs
- The Secrets of Happiness

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