Molly and the Mountains

Using her experience of high altitude climbing, Molly inspires people to reach their goals and live the lives they not only dream of, but deserve

As a female professional speaker devoted to inspiring others, Molly de Jager uses her life of adventure to help other people achieve their dreams. A seasoned performance coach who knows what it takes to reach even the most extreme challenges and dreams, she’s developed practical, effective strategies that show you the path to realizing your own goals.

Using experiences from climbing as a metaphor for life and its uphill struggles, Molly inspires audiences with lessons learnt from her high-altitude adventures. Her sincere talk will leave you feeling like you were climbing beside her, whether it was in a pair of jeans on Kilimanjaro or in hi-tech gear on Denali.

Speaking from the heart, Molly moves audiences to relate to the highs and lows of climbing mountains and life in between, her STEPS to Summit strategy imparting you with a practical tool to apply to your life. Corporate clients will benefit extensively from both her customer service and crisis management talks that bring a sense of humour and excitement along with practical, proven insight.

You’re NOT going to learn to climb a mountain, but you WILL:
• Be inspired to achieve your goals and dreams
• Get the highs out of life, and learn how to deal with the lows
• Overcome fears and limiting beliefs
• Achieve the extraordinary
• Face challenges with resilience
• Live at your peak

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