Leah Hughes

Comfort Leads to Confidence

Leah found her authenticity through the dynamic words of Dianne Von Furstenberg’s famous quote “I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be”.  

As a little girl Leah knew she would somehow positively impact women's lives’, she just didn't know at the time her passion would develop and belong to supporting mothers and empowering women.

Leah found her purpose and passion as a woman through her motherhood journey. Adjusting to the new normal of what your body endures as a new mother, learning the art of breastfeeding, combined with little sleep and self-doubt can be overwhelming. It is as Leah adapted to motherhood and learnt to lean in to conversations that she found fundamentally every mother deserves the very best for her children and for herself.

In 2016 Leah founded her business, Gentle Breastfeeding Support, with the mission to support mothers to reach their breastfeeding goals and to ensure women thrive!  Leah strongly believes that when we support women to reach their goals we empower the next generation.

Six years on and through hundreds of interactions with mothers Leah has developed and written her inspiring speech - Comfort Leads To Confidence.  It speaks to the hearts of women everywhere, it dynamically highlights new mothers fragility as an innate power that is something to be reckoned with.  

As a small business owner Leah shares her journey of learning how to conceptualize, and break ground on a new business idea, how to stay motivated, stay ahead of the market and remain your authentic self.  Because business is more than a product it is a relationship.

Most of all Leah's speech empowers women to find their comfort which ultimately leads them to their confidence.

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