Sarita Bahety

Promotes women in tech and business leadership with a focus on sustainability, cloud, privacy, Europe

Sarita heads up Strategic Alliances and Partnerships sales in the Cloud, Smart Manufacturing, IoT, Sustainability, Data and AI and Engineering, Research and Development space in EMEA.

In this role she works with technology vendors (ISVs) to drive revenue and help clients achieve positive business outcome including social impact and sustainability.

Her work experience ranges from start up to Fortune 200, across multiple industries and geographies including Europe, APAC and Middle East in both public and private sector.

Sarita plays an integral part in leading digital business across several dimensions: growing and diversifying the alliance revenue mix across targeted geographies in Europe, investing in local partnerships and ecosystem, and on boarding new gen vendors to meet client demand.

She has successfully created and driven cloud enabled partner strategy that strengthens revenue, increases market share and solidifies competitive advantage in collaboration with cloud service providers and partners.

Sarita has spent nearly two decades in Europe, APAC and the Middle East, and has diverse international experience. She brings in vast experience in consulting.

She talks about her experience in leadership roles and what it is like to be a woman leader in the tech industry.

She has been featured as a guest author and thought leader on various business forums.

Having lived in countries such as Nepal, India, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, she values diversity and inclusion and promotes multi culturist environment.

Sarita has also advised a leading telco in the Middle East on how to accelerate Data Protection and Privacy adoption for all of their employees.

This engagement entails understanding of best practices to effectively establish and maintain privacy, security, and governance programs for the telco.

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