Judy Porter

High in energy, fun, interactive & engaging!

Judy ensures your group are on the edge of their seats! She has been sharing her passion for leadership, personality types & behaviour change for the past decade.

Over the years I have been to and conducted many conferences and came across lots of key speakers, Judy is, without doubt, one of the best!

She is real, passionate, and engaging with information that is useful and rememberable. Judy manages to enrapture the crowd from the get-go with her knowledge and a sprinkle of humour. She can make them laugh, and cry but most of all she makes them feel empowered to achieve more. The participants left the room discussing how great the sessions were & wanting her to attend our next events!

Richard Broughton – CEO
Elders Insurance Agents Association LtdJudy delivers

The Superpowers of Introverts & Extroverts
Body Language & Emotional Intelligence
Managing Different Personalities
The Art of Listening
Creating Psychological Safety & Emotional Wellbeing
Fearless Feedback
Difficult Discussions & Crucial Conversations
My Worldview Lens – Personal Values
Creating a Coaching Culture
Managing Change
Creating a Culture of Mutual Accountability
My Leadership Style
Motivating Teams through Recognition & Feedback
The StrengthsFinder
Building Resilience & Mental Strength
Creating a Kick-a!#rse Team

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