Bonita Nuttall

Former Investigative Journalist, TV Host, Speaker, Coach passionate about helping women Turn Up the YOU!

Bonita Nuttall  is a dynamic presenter with more than 20 years experience in virtually every facet of media communications.

At school, she was that kid whose hand shot up the moment an oral exam or school play was announced. She was also that kid that pranged her Gran’s BMW the day before her final maths exam and got out of writing it!

Because all things communication that inspire, uplift and empower people - that's her game!

For over 2 decades, she's presented herself professionally across a multitude of platforms, to a wide range of audiences. A former TV Investigative Journalist and TV presenter, Bonita does Speaking, MC’ing, Public Speaking Mentoring, Leadership Coaching and Voice Overs.  

She's free dived with Tiger Sharks, interviewed gangsters in the heart of ganglands, and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with sporting great, Martina Navratilova.

As a speaker and MC, Bonita understands that as event organisers, you want your events to be flawless, to trust their speakers and MC, knowing they'll deliver high quality, memorable content that delights your attendees, makes your event the go-to and allows you, as the organiser to shine!

In her inspiring keynote, Turn Up the YOU, Bonita delivers the antidote to the global culture of playing it small, playing it safe, and playing down specific parts of us that prevent us from realising our full potential.  

Bonita is passionate about helping leaders hit that reset button, to Turn Up their PURPOSE, POTENTIAL and PASSION in ways that help them to reconnect to and open up more POSSIBILITIES in both their professional and personal lives.

Bonita's high-energy, interactive keynotes are a bit like getting a pep talk from your best friend, with heartfelt moments, big laughs, and just like when besties get together, there’s high-energy, bullet-proof hair, and memorable takeaways that leave you on a high note.

Loaded with practical, actionable content and gripping stories, this keynote will inspire, uplift and energise your audience to want to - Turn Up The YOU - in all you do!

If you’re after some sparkle, energy and memorable connection to light up your next event, book Bonita to help you do that!

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