Nicola Lowe

Helping women to reclaim their wellbeing and reverse the gender wellbeing gap

Nicky Lowe is an award-winning executive and leadership coach who has supported thousands of executives in some of the world's best-known organisations to thrive personally and professionally.

She’s the founder of two executive development businesses Luminate and Wisdom For Working Mums.

She’s a mum of two children and after having her first child experienced burnout. This experience was a catalyst for her to reimagine her approach to work and motherhood. Nicky now supports women to combine their work and family life in a more successful and sustainable way - without sacrificing their sanity or wellbeing. Applying her coaching, leadership and psychological skills to help women truly thrive.

In this workshop accredited Executive and Leadership Coach Nicky Lowe will share:

* Why women are at a higher risk of burnout

* The six domains that influence your ability to thrive personally and professionally

* A practical and evidence-based approach to how you can thrive in your career and personal life without sacrificing your sanity or wellbeing.

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