Claire Lomas MBE

First and only paralysed person to walk the London Marathon

Claire became known as the bionic woman. She made worldwide headlines in 2012 when she completed the London Marathon using a bionic suit and taking 17 gruelling days. Later she crossed many other finish lines including the Great North Run, taking five days whilst 16 weeks pregnant.

Claire overcame adversity and turned her life around showing what can be achieved with the right attitude and a positive approach to life.

With adaptions to a microlight and a motorbike, Claire has obtained both her motorcycle race licence (2017) and private pilot’s license (2022) and she is often surrounded by predominantly able-bodied men on the track or at an airfield.

Claire’s fundraising challenges have now raised over £830k to help cure paralysis and she has become one of Britain’s most inspirational women.

Claire was a chiropractor and had reached the highest level in her sport when a freak accident left her paralysed from the chest down. She had gone from living a life as an active sportswomen whose dreams were coming true to a life where Claire faced huge obstacles which ever direction she turned. The simplest of tasks were now a challenge for Claire. Many doors had closed, and it was easy for Claire to dwell on all she had lost. She had to dig deep to find the strength and courage that she needed to rebuild her life.

As well as losing the use of two-thirds of her body, she lost her sport, career and her boyfriend, who she had been with for four years. Eventually Claire decided not to sit back and feel sorry for herself but focus on what was still possible.
In 2012, Claire made headline news all over the world as she walked the London Marathon using pioneering technology and she raised a staggering £220k for charity. This was the first of many fundraising challenges including hand cycling, motorcycling, flying and organising numerous events too. She was awarded an MBE in 2017 for her fundraising efforts.
She is married to Dan, who she met a year after her accident, they have two daughters, she has written two books, spoken at events all over the world, gained her motorcycle race licence and private pilot’s licence. Claire does not believe the sky is the limit!

She is constantly pushing the barriers, not letting her disability define her but redefine her, achieving some unimaginable feats and consequently inspiring people all over the world.

Why invite Claire to speak at your event?

Claire speaks about the split second that changed her life, and candidly describes the darkest times through to the awe-inspiring achievements. The audience go through the extreme roller- coaster of emotions with Claire; they cry, they laugh and they admire. They always leave incredibly motivated and feeling like most obstacles can be overcome if you adopt a positive mindset. She leaves people with practical tools for thriving and adapting through change, finding their best mindset and building resilience.

Claire empowers people to make changes if they need to, cope with any obstacles that they may face and reach their full potential by challenging their limits not limiting their challenges.

Themes: Diversity and inclusion, Wellbeing, Mental Health, Motivation, Overcoming Adversity, Disability, Team Work, Inspiration, Change, Goal Setting, Resilience.

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