Monica Rosenfeld

Storytelling expert, helping women re-write their story, shifting them from a feeling of powerlessness to powerful

Storytelling Expert, helping women tap into their unique gifts and express these to the world at large in an authentic and powerful way.

Monica Rosenfeld has worked in the media industry for over 25 years, both as a TV Producer and as the Founder of her award-winning PR Agency, WordStorm PR. She is now a Global Communication Keynote Speaker, Comedian, and the Founder of the Storytelling movement, Stories that Stir.

Monica is on a mission to facilitate human connection through inCredible Communication. She believes that the most important place to start, is how women communicate with themselves, through their self-talk.

Monica shares the story of how she transformed her own self-talk to overcome the feart of giving stand-up comedy a go, four years ago. Rewriting her own story has led to her performing at The Sydney Opera House as well as the Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide Comedy Festivals, to name a few.

Monica has created a presentation specifically for this year's IWD theme, inspiring women to #embraceequality, by starting with yourself first.

Through sharing her own inspiring story and practical frameworks to transform limiting beliefs, Monica encourages women to ingite their passion and step into their power.

As a Professional Speaker, Monica brings over two decades of trade secrets to the table, providing insights and practical strategies to help delegates move from a feeling of depletion, fear and uncertainty to feeling confident passionate and focused.

As a Comedian, she will get your audience laughing so that her messages are remembered, long after the presentation is over.

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