Sandra Trew

Parental Coach helping parents build stronger connections with their children

Sandra is the CEO and founder of Get Real Parental Coaching, where she provides Parental Coaching services to help parents pursue their goals of building stronger relationships with their

She focuses mainly on the following:

- Child behaviours

- Potty training

- How to manage your child's Toddler Tantrums

- Talking back

- How to deal with excessive screen time

- How to budget as a family (Cost of living)

Since the late nineties, Sandra has worked with parents and families. She encountered many families that had been feeling stressed with nowhere to run. The feeling you are drowning with no light in sight. Sandra has not only supported these parents but found solutions in a non-judgemental way.

As a mother of two, I understand the challenges that could come with each milestone, so I decided to follow my passion and help as many parents as possible. I give them hints, tips, and strategies in a 1-1 bespoke coaching session, as no two families are the same.

Sandra helps parents leave feeling empowered, liberated and confident. This is why Sandra always offers values and lets the parents change their mindset to a more positive one.  

As parents struggle to find that work/life balance, the households are more in disarray—lack of routine, discipline, fun, and consequences. Not only are the parents stressed, but the children appear to be on the same stress level but in a different way. They are leaning on their peers more as they don't have a connection with their parents.

This is where I would come in. To build back up those strong relationships, have those open talks by always leaving the doors open for your child.

Sandra is forever evolving, and now, as a Parental Coach, she has helped families both near and far. She offers workshops where she can provide her expertise and knowledge to parents, both mums and dads, who need it.

Sandra has taken her passion to the podcasting world, where she supports those listening globally and connects with her community.

If you are still hesitant about Sandra, check out her video testimonials on her website.

She is a trusted coach with over 30-years-long practice, and she is straightforward, transparent, and confident in her techniques, which makes her more trustworthy. Sandra also has personal knowledge of parenting and first-hand experience.

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