Pendo (Jess)

Be a Voice, not an Echo. Each of us have a Voice within us

It's the perfect time to start from where we are and develop the confidence to use our Voices confidently and purposefully.

Pendo is swahili for Love

Jess aka Pendo, comes from Pendo Speaks, a powerful public speaking and communications start-up company. Black-led and female-led, this start-up seeks to build and empower the collective voice.

Jess is a passionate, warm and powerful speaker- committed to empowering her audience to leave the room feeling inspired, empowered and connected to the light within them.

You can book Jess to speak about the power of our voices and how we can use what we already have to express ourselves and affect change. Equally, you can book Jess to deliver a public speaking session or workshop including the Shero's session and the Rumble to Roar workshop.

You can find out more via

For booking queries, you can contact Jess at

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