Jo Fairley

Co-Founder of Green & Black’s, Founder of Judges Bakery, The Wellington Centre and The Perfume Society

Jo Fairley is famed as the Co-Founder of Green & Black's, a company revered for producing some of the highest quality chocolate in the world. Back in the 1990s, Jo and Craig Sams started making chocolate, a chocolate that soon became the very first product to carry a Fairtrade mark. Green & Black's now produces a wide range of chocolate products, from dark chocolate to milk chocolate, and their products are sold globally. Jo has been a long-time advocate for organic and sustainable farming, and this is reflected in the company's commitment to ethical production. Green & Black's is committed to ensuring that cocoa farmers are paid a fair wage and that their working conditions are safe and healthy.

In addition to Green & Black’s, Jo is also the Founder of Judges Bakery, The Wellington Centre and The Perfume Society. Judges Bakery is a revered organic food store and bakery, The Wellington Centre is a wellbeing centre that emphasises the importance of natural health, and the Perfume Society is a perfume subscription and appreciation service. Jo has also since become the Founder of Beauty Bible, a leading beauty news outlet, and has been awarded various Soil Association Awards and a WorldAware Award. Other awards Jo has won include the Shackleton Medal for Leadership and Citizenship by the Scottish Royal Geographical Society and the Fragrance Foundations Jasmine Award on three occasions.

Jo Fairley has created a company that is dedicated to producing the highest quality chocolate while also being socially and environmentally responsible. Her commitment to sustainability and ethical production has resulted in a product that is enjoyed by consumers around the world, and is revered as a passionate sustainability advocate. Now hired as a speaker for International Women’s Day, Jo shares her experiences as a woman in business and her expertise in sustainable business.

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