Cecilia Poullain

International Executive Coach for Professional Women speaking about how to express emotions at work professionally and constructively

Cecilia Poullain is an international executive coach for professional women.  She specializes in working with women who are frustrated at not having their voice heard and who are ready to become impossible to ignore.

In her career as a lawyer (qualified in Australia, the UK and France) and in finance and in her work with clients across the globe, Cecilia became aware that when women have very strong emotions at work - emotions such as fear, anger or sadness - they often keep them to themselves.  

But even if emotions are not expressed, they can have majors impact on relationships and on our health.

In this interactive session, Cecilia will be looking at the primary emotions - anger, fear, sadness and joy - the role of each of these emotions and at how they can be expressed at work in ways that are professional and constructive.

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