Nirina Ralantoaritsimba

Multicultural artist-pedagogue & researcher passionate helping people challenge their perspectives through art & creativity

Nirina Ralantoaritsimba, PhD is founder of Fractal School, a school of a new kind with original multi-artistic workshops, conferences, masterclasses and performances using the transversality of different art expressions: writing, directing, acting, playing music, singing, dancing, painting, calligraphy...

As a reiki master and teacher, she also incorporates her spiritual work in her transversal workshops and conferences.

There is an artist in each human being. Her job is to help you find this pearl.

If you believe in the power of artistic expression in order to find your own voice
If you want to find or reconnect with your creativity in order to balance and heal the society
If you want to experiment new ways of thinking and seeing the world, thanks to your creativity and imagination
If you want find more space for your own inner world to expand and discover the power of self-expression
If you want to contribute to the metamorphosis of life on this planet

Nirina is here to support you, on a personal quest or a collective project (corporate, schools, universities...).

Research fields: literature, creative writing, scriptwriting, linguistics, education sciences.

- Conferences
- Seminars
- Dialogues, round tables
- Inspirational Talks
- Educational Talks
- Interactive Talks
- Trainings

*Multi-Creativity Trainings & Workshops*
Here are some of the themes and modes of expression for you to explore:

-Overview effect: a new way to see the planet and shift our perspective #BreakTheBias
-Find your purpose through the power of automatic writing: diary and journaling
-Find your voice through the power of automatic writing: poetry and creative writing
-The flow of writing: between improvisation and structure
-The flow of speaking: how to get self-confidence in public speaking
-Discovering poetry in daily life
-How to access your authenticity: the power of acting
-How to unlock my imagination
-Allowing myself to create, awakening the artist within
-How to recognize: yes, I am also an artist!

Her talks are deliverable in English, French or German.

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