Pamela Kellert

Former Executive helping Women in STEM to elevate their leadership skills, confidence and impact

Pamela Kellert helps female professionals in STEM sectors thrive in leadership roles. She is a seasoned Strategic Leadership Expert with over 17 year’s experience working in Strategy, Business Development and Project Delivery, heading diverse teams at leading organisations across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

She has managed complex engineering projects and profit & loss responsibility of over $100 million with a team of over 100 employees. As a leadership coach, Pamela supports women on various experience levels to lead effectively and authentically.

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Why Authentic Leadership Is Particularly Important For Women Leaders In STEM

The STEM sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors across all industries. And it’s here where we still see an underrepresentation of women. While the numbers of female STEM graduates have improved, we still see a leaking pipeline, resulting in too few women in leadership roles.

Why is this important?

Technologies are currently being developed, which will have a major influence on society. We need to integrate the female perspective – and that of other underrepresented groups – to ensure innovation counts for all.

As women often find themselves the only female in a room, they struggle to see role models whose steps they could follow. As a result, the quest for a personal leadership style leads to a journey within - to find their leadership style in their authentic self.

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