Tammy Heermann

Speaker, Author, Mindset Shifter replacing the tired ‘think manager, think male’ stereotype with Think Leadership, Think Female

Tammy Heermann is an award-winning leadership expert sought out by some of the world’s top companies for her programs that accelerate women’s advancement. For over twenty-five years, she has helped change thousands of mindsets around what it takes to lead, both self and others. While having an impact in the C-suite, nothing makes her happier than pushing up-and-coming leaders to break through organizational and self-imposed barriers to reach their potential. Tammy transforms her audiences with alternating moments of humor and heartache as she shares stories of her journey from senior consultant to senior vice president. She is a perennial mentor with Women in Communications and Technology and is addicted to Peloton, Pilates, and perogies. She lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter.

Experience the art of storytelling, the credibility of research-based insights, and the practicality of strategies you can use the minute the presentation is over. Tammy won’t bore you with PowerPoints filled with text you can’t see nor spout baseless claims. She won’t pump you up and leave you on cloud nine, only to fall and forget to take action a mere hour after the speech is over. She combines powerful stories of success and failure, provocative insights from research, and practical tips and tactics to make movement.

“I felt like she was talking just to me” is a common reaction Tammy hears.

If you want to be informed and entertained, motivated and inspired to act, then connect to find out more about bringing Tammy to your event. Common topics include the following. But if you don't see what you need, ask; she has probably delivered that topic before.
- Reframe Your Story: Why mastering your mindset will change your life
- Do Less Sh*t: Why you must reframe your story from “I’m the master of my to-do list” to “I make strategic decisions.”
- Leaders are Champions: Why people managers are the lynchpin to culture change and lasting progress for women

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