Lillian Lartey

A De-stress and Wellness Coach helping overworked professionals and business owners reduce stress, avoid burnout and feel calm, balanced and energised for life and work.

Lillian’s passion is hugely influenced from her own, personal health experiences with stress-related burnout and a health crisis, which admitted her to hospital. Thankfully she recovered from these events and now commits her attention to helping others avoid going down this same path.

Her transformational speaking has led her to be interviewed and speak on various media platforms, such as Premier Christian Radio, Croydon Radio, ABN’s TV Series, Family Time and ABN Radio.

Lillian speaks in-person at conferences, workshops, retreats, community groups, on panels, as well as online platforms and podcasts.

Her transformational topics include:
• Health and Wellbeing.
• Stress Management.
• Breathwork Facilitation.
• Energy Management.
• Burnout Prevention and Recovery.
• Work-life Balance.
• Fulfilling Your Purpose Aligned To Your Health and Wellbeing.

Here’s what people have said after attending events where Lillian has spoken:

“This evening has been amazing. Lillian shared so many fantastic self-care ideas, which I will add to my daily routines. Thank you.”

“Wow! Lillian, absolutely fantastic! I've learnt more in the last hour and a half than I have in the past few years! Thank you SO much. Wonderful!”

“Thank you Lillian that was fantastic, I’m on 8 pages of notes. Excellent delivery and so valuable.”

“We need this information. That was great!”

“I keep thinking about all that you said...amazing...”

“When I heard you talk I knew what you were saying was the answer I needed. I’ve been suffering with night sweats, feeling exhausted and I run a busy business. I thought I was eating healthy, but it seems not. I implemented some of the things you mentioned and I’ve noticed a vast increase in my energy levels already!”

“Thank you for the talk you gave us. I know I wasn’t eating properly and was feeling tired all the time. I’ve started eating in the way you advised us and already I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels!”

“The best speaker EVER!! Thank you so much for blessing the young ladies at our first ever GLOW session! We hope to have you back again in the future!”

“Everyone needs to hear what you’ve said.”

“I need you to speak to my husband!”

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