Andrea L Richards

Delivering talks on succeeding against the odds as a young black female, diversity, inclusion & building future leaders

Andrea – Keynote Speaker

A Multi-award-winning financial expert and a trailblazer in the world of business, Andrea is constantly challenging stereotypes every day in business and is an inspiration to businessowners - particularly those who may feel as though they do not fit in or belong. As a younger, black woman running an accountancy firm in a male dominated industry, she has faced many hardships in the form of judgement and facetiousness, but she has never let that stop her and strives every day to defy expectations and prove why she is a boss in the financial industry.

Andrea has been passionate about accounting from a young age, deciding she was going to be an accountant when she saw an ad in the Evening Standard when she was 9 years old. Although Andrea became pregnant at the age of 15 as a single mother, she still went on to becoming a multi award winning entrepreneur. Despite facing many other hardships along the way, Andrea is constantly looking to uplift those around her - her realistic, can-do attitude is always boosting morale. Andrea is proof that excuses only stall success and when you put your mind to it, anything can be achieved.

Andrea’s unique approach to Accountancy and business led to her receiving the "BE Mogul" award in 2018/2019 powered by NatWest, for leading and inspiring future entrepreneurs. She also received another "Entrepreneur of the Year" award in 2021 at "The Baton Awards", an award for women from diverse backgrounds who are enacting change in their fields. In 2021 Andrea was nominated by her team for and subsequently won "Best Boss" at the "Best Businesswomen Awards". Andrea inspires and coaches young individuals, providing opportunities that most business owners wouldn’t, several employees have even gone on to open their own Accountancy Practices.

In 2022 Andrea decided that she would no longer hide behind her business and started to build her personal brand, to finally share her story. Andrea spoke as a guest speaker at Accountex for a panel discussion “People don’t buy services, they buy impact”, Andrea has made multiple appearances on different podcasts and radio stations. Andrea even made the Shortlist at “The British Business Awards” for “Accountant and Tax Advisor of The Year” amongst the big top firms within her industry. Andrea spent 2022 growing her network and circle of influence, gaining a large following and new connections.
As an owner of a modern firm, Andrea is constantly growing with the digital age and constantly innovating ways to make work more efficient for clients. Andrea’s business goes beyond just caring about client numbers - they work with clients as partners, providing specialist advice about their business as opposed to just generalised financial advice. She is now in a position to utilise her knowledge and experience to inspire and inform diverse audiences about what it takes to build a successful and sustainable business.

Andrea’s speaking topics include:

Overcoming The Odds: Andrea will share her journey to success. Disclosing how she overcame obstacles and hardships to balance her career, business, and family life to achieve her goals despite the odds.

Harnessing Future Potential and Organisational Culture: Andrea talks about her experience of creating an environment where employees feel heard and valued. Andrea will focus on why you should encourage them to speak up and share their thoughts which leads to improved communication, increased productivity, and a more positive company culture.

Clever Accounting: Andrea shares the fun side of accountancy, teaching how to know and grow a business by understanding your numbers. Identifying how lo leverage your money to grow your business and become successful.

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