Peju Abuchi

Princess & a Poet: Words will set your world on FIRE

Peju is a Spoken Word Artist - a potent combination of passion, poetry and pizzazz!

Born into the Ademiluyi Royal Family of Ile-Ife in Nigeria, she developed a passion and skill for oratory from a young age. She is gifted in delivering keynote speeches and equally in rousing events to a start or bringing them to a triumphant end!

As a Speaker, she can connect effortlessly with the pulse of her listeners - contouring her message to meet their needs while giving empathy, encouragement and enlightenment. Her poise is regal, her energy is contagious and her poetry is audacious!

She is a dynamic and daring communicator with wisdom and wit for her middle-aged years!

Peju studied Law and Business Studies (BA Hons) at the University of Middlesex then went on to complete an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy from The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). Her superpower is her ability to fuse the art of diplomacy and the heart of poetry to educate, train and nurture minds at every level of society.

Peju courageously collaborates Storytelling and Poetry (rhyme & reason) to speak powerfully on different platforms - she has featured on Channels TV (where she was interviewed to highlight the strengths of black history on life, work and education), BBC Radio (where her poem on Bullying was used to raise awareness on Anti-Bullying Week), Mayah’s Legacy (where her thoughts on Self Awareness were used to empower women suffering from trauma and baby loss) and Solaris Global Leadership Programme for under-represented women (speaking on visibility, vision and finding your voice).

While raising her young children, she brought together a network of diverse women to support "parenting in community” as a backdrop to strengthening families and curbing loneliness, which in turn gave stay-at-home mothers the confidence to speak up, speak out and step up. She ran workshops under the umbrella theme “You Matter” and together they collectively explored topics such as talent development, home economics, resilience and self love. Her Mental Health First Aid training has given her a bird’s eye view and front row seat into what makes humans tick and tank, therefore giving her access to therapeutic words that accelerate values-based, confidence-raising, identity-owning, mind-shifting solutions.

The saying "Curiosity killed the cat" doesn't ring true in Peju’s life. On the contrary, she believes that curiosity is the key that will unlock the stories of our shared humanity. And she enjoys capturing these stories in poetic form, with the raw, rustic, riveting power of her pen.

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