Cara M de Lange

Rewire your brain to deal with ongoing uncertainty. Women are more at risk of burnout than men, let's decrease that risk &#EmbraceEquity

How to rewire your brain to deal with ongoing uncertainty. Research reveals women are more at risk of burnout than men, let's decrease that risk and #embraceequity! Cara's IWD is informative, science backed , fun and shares practical tools and tips.

Burnout is creating a crisis for businesses. Employees are disengaged, resulting in 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity and 15% lower profitability. And while our understanding of burnout has changed, the latest research from Softer Success® and Sheffield University reveals a new, greater risk, linked to moral injury especially for women in the workforce.

Want to save money, and build a healthier, more productive workforce? Help your employees prevent burnout be sustainably productive and learn how to embrace equity? Would you like to transform your company into the future? Cara's talk will help you do that.

If we do not radically change how we work in the next 6-12 months, your organisation will NOT be prepared for future uncertainty, and the burnout risk will increase to-unmanageable levels. Learn how to get ahead of the game , embrace equity and save money at the same time.

Key takeaways
• Softer Success® newest and ground-breaking research on burnout and business wellbeing

• Practical methods of how to rewire your neural pathways to deal with uncertainty

• How to embrace a new mindset for the future

• How to incorporate wellbeing as a business goal in your organisation

• Solutions for a sustainable and healthy business

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